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M/s. Prabha Trade Impex Pvt Ltd
is based in Hyderabad, and is a part of M/s. Four-P International Pvt Ltd group, having its existence for last 20 years.

The focus of the Company has always been to identify industrial raw materials and consumables manufactured by reputed national and International companies. By design, the focus has been to concentrate in the twin cities and Andhra Pradesh state, so that there is intensive coverage. The attempt has always been to achieve total customer satisfaction.

The current portfolio includes the following companies

Channel Partners


Products being catered

Dow Corning India Private Limited, Mumbai


Molykote® - Specialty Lubricants.

Silastic® - Silicone Sealants products.

Dow Corning Silicone Conformal Coatings, Potting Compounds, Encapsulating Materials & Fluids.

Jayantilal J Gandhi Chemicals Private Limited, Mumbai



Bondmaster high performance epoxy, acrylic adhesives etc.

Hylomar gasketing compound.

Anaerobics, Cyno acrylic adhesives.

Stag B Jointing Paste.

Korapur Polyurethane sealants.

Kremlin Rexson India Private Limited, Pune


Liquid Coating Equipments. Airless / Airmix® painting machinery, Automatic spraying systems & Electro static spray guns.

Fluid handling equipments, Plural component equipment for higher viscous materials.

ITW Gema, Pune


Manual and Automatic Powder Coating Equipments

Powers Anchor Products Pvt Ltd, Bangalore


Chemical Anchors, Mechanical Anchors, Concrete / Steel forced entry, Screws

FRANK Alkanes India Ltd


Heat Treatment Chemicals and
Pre treatment chemicals

It can be seen from the above that all these are specialized products, which require very close interaction with the users before the product can be sold. It involves a deep understanding of the service conditions before any product can be recommended.


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