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Automatic Powder Coating Series

Gema Switzerland GmbH - The World Leader in Powder Coating Equipment

Gema’s OPTIFLEX™ Optimizes Your Automatic Powder Coating Operation

  • 100,000 volts of First Pass Power™ gives you the ability to coat your parts right the first time – every time.
  • The OPTIFLEX Series improves profitability by making your operation more efficient.
  • The simplified user interface gives operators total control flexibility without having to worry about balancing several different settings.
  • Quick, easy-to-learn procedures reduce training requirements with operators.
  • The OPTIFLEX Series decreases your down time by automating coating configurations.
  • The OPTIFLEX’s group of high-tech components are designed to save time in an XTreme Color Change Environment.™
  • The intelligent automation and the latest powder coating technology increases transfer efficiency, reducing the amount of powder wasted.
  • The OPTIFLEX Series improves productivity, even in more challenging applications such as porcelain enamel.


  • OptiGun Automatic Powder Gun, with an integrated cascade power supply producing 100,000 volts of FirstPass Power™, provides maximum charging at the tip of the gun.
  • ITW Gema’s integrated cascade power supply provides maximum charging at the tip of the gun.
  • Improved design ensures longer life and better reliability.
  • Contoured-body design prevents powder from collecting, making cleaning easier.
  • Sealed gun-body design stops powder from entering the internal cavity, eliminating potential voltage and color-change contamination problems.
  • Improved cascade design no longer requires grease, which simplifies maintenance and repairability.
  • Enlarged tube diameter provides softer spray patterns, allowing the electrostatics to have greater control and increased transfer efficiency.
  • Quick-change hose connector and replaceable, threaded powder-tube enable quick removal and easy maintenance.
  • Compatibility with all nozzles and extensions for the OptiSelect™ manual powder guns, simplifying replacement of wear parts.
  • Optional Super Corona™ ring can be added to minimize orange peel and improve penetration.


  • OPTISTAR’s patented Digital Valve Control, (DVC) offers a new standard of precision and more uniform film thickness, resulting in lower operating costs
  • Within the OPTISTAR, the DVC automatically adjusts all air required for powder coating, ensuring air flow accuracy to plus or minus 1%..
  • Uniform volume control and industry-leading first-pass transfer efficiency saves powder, and results in a more consistent finish.
  • Unmatched program storage capacity (up to 250) allows for fast recall of all settings for any application.
  • Unprecedented control over voltage, current, electrode rinsing air, powder output, and air volume give you the ability to repeat quality performance–every time.
  • Remote gun triggering and purging can be operated from the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or canbus serial protocol.
  • OptiStar communicates with your PLC, allowing for advanced diagnostics and programmability.
  • Optional Flow-Control Module™ for closed-loop control of the total air volume for consistent powder delivery and accuracy.
  • Rinse air selection buttons ensure correct air volume, keeping the electrode clean, and maximizing transfer efficiency.
  • Help code display simplifies operator troubleshooting.


  • Advanced engineering of OPTIFLOW™ High Performance Powder Pump ensures uniform powder delivery for every application.
  • Keyed quick disconnects facilitate fast installation and removal.
  • Only one major wear part keeps spare parts and operational costs exceptionally low.
  • Check valves and plug-in design promote reliability and easy maintenance.
  • Precision-manufactured injector jet stays in place, assuring proper flow every time.
  • Easy-to-clean design requires no disassembly for most color changes.

Greater Skill - Greater Service - Greater Value

  • When you partner with Gema, you gain access to decades of application expertise and know-how. Unlike any company in our industry, Gema spends significant time and money in the pre- and post-installation phases, working with our customers to ensure they are getting the most out of their Gema powder coating system.
  • Our team of experts will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your finishing system requirements, informing you of opportunities to improve your efficiency and your bottom line. Using Gema’s proprietary software, we will examine your process requirements and goals to determine what system configuration will best meet your needs – and generate the highest return on investment.
  • Once the system is installed, our experts spend time on-site measuring everything from film thickness to reclaim efficiency; testing your various substrates and parts; and adjusting your gun positions. They will synchronize your equipment to meet your production needs, while ensuring the system is operating at peak efficiency.
  • In addition to an optimized powder coating system, Gema provides advanced-level training. Our technicians will turn you and your staff into experts in the operation and maintenance of your equipment. We will also consult with you on an appropriate ServiceNet support plan to keep your system running like new for years to come.
  • With Gema, you don’t just get industry-leading equipment...You get industry-leading equipment, support, and expertise. What else would you expect from the world leader in powder coating equipment.

What Makes the OPTIFLEX So Optimal?

  • The OPTIFLEX’s advanced technology combined with its easy-to-use interface leads to optimal results–every time.
  • The flexibility of the OPTISTAR enables you to store your voltage, current, powder output, and air volume settings for up to 250 applications. Simply select the program number and you’re ready to coat.
  • The design of the OPTIGUN, with its quick-release connections, makes for easier and faster cleaning and maintenance allowing you to spend more time coating.
  • Add the advanced and easy-to-maintain OPTIFLOW Pump to provide consistently uniform powder delivery–and your powder coating operation has just become optimized.
  • What makes the OPTIFLEX so optimal? The intelligence, integration, and automation that only Gema provides.
  • Call an Gema representative today at 800-628-0601 to discover how the OPTIFLEX can help you.

The OPTIFLEX is Optimum for YOU.

  • When you combine the OPTIGUN, the OPTISTAR, and the OPTIFLOW, you’ve just arrived at the future of powder coating. These three high-tech components deliver to you three important benefits: repeatability, results, and ROI.

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